VIDEO: Kombucha Maker Revive Brands Expanding In Petaluma

Revive Brands has found that 75 percent of its bottles are returned for reuse. Revive Brands Returned Bottles By Jeff QuakenBush North Bay Business Journal
75 percent of Revive bottles are returned for reuse. Revive Brands Returned Bottles, By Jeff QuakenBush, North Bay Business Journal

Lovett is a business owner that feels he can do things in a different manner.  It is a lot more work to have a more sustainable product, and says that his customers do care about the environment.  He has built a two-way packaging system that allows consumers to return their bottles at exchange locations at AJ’s Fine Food and Whole Foods locations in Arizona and Colorado as well as many locations across northern and southern California. Their website says revive drinks is a sustainable driven kombucha company that brews, ferments and bottles our deliciously refreshing kombucha in Sonoma County. California. It is our passion to lovingly create drinks that not only make your body feel good but that your mind and soul can feel good about supporting.

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One thought on “VIDEO: Kombucha Maker Revive Brands Expanding In Petaluma”

  1. This is SO exciting! I LOVE Revive Kombucha and buy it regularly from Whole Foods Petaluma. I buy it by the jug and just return them when I’m buying more. It’s a toss up between the original and red as to my favorite so I buy different ones.

    A couple of CSA’s that I know sell Revive are and Hey…I wonder if Revive will sell from their plant or at the very least allow for tours of it. I’d sure love to see this operation as I’m fascinated with the process.

    I’ve thought often about making my own, but I just don’t have the time so buying it by the gallon from Revive has been a great way to go.

    It’s delicious, healthy, local (even more local soon 🙂 and sustainable. What more could a person ask for in a kombucha? 🙂

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