Positively #Petaluma Interview With Actor Adrian Grenier

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An August 23 Facebook post by Adrian Grenier caused a big stir in Petaluma. His post garnered over 1000 “Likes” and several comments and shares by Petalumans. His status showed him with friends at our annual Taste of Petaluma with comment “Rockin’ #TasteOfPetaluma w/@catatomic @rbcsavage awesome delicious day”.  This caused Positively Petaluma to want to find out more and share his experience here.

Adrian Grenier visited our town and attended our annual event while visiting family friends. The following interview was completed while Adrian was in Greece and would not have been possible without the help of Laura Sunday who hosted Adrian during his stay in Petaluma.  Adrian is an actor, producer, director and musician most notable playing the lead role of Vincent Chase in the Emmy nominated HBO original series Entourage.  In this interview Adrian tells us about his experience here in Petaluma and a documentary he is working on.

Wayne: You played the role of Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend Nate who was a chef in the movie Devil Wears Prada. Petaluma has a lot of talented chefs and has quickly become a culinary destination according to a recent KRON 4 and Yelp report. You had the opportunity to experience our Taste of Petaluma.  Which part of the culinary and craft spirits experience did you like best? Food, beer or the wine?

Adrian: All three. I love a festival that celebrates locally grown goods. But it’s not all about the food, if it was we’d all be shuffling around eating silently. An event like this is all about friends coming together. Food is a big part of my life. My mother has a great devotion to good tasting things. I like to think I surround myself with people who care about what they eat. It makes life more enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “Positively #Petaluma Interview With Actor Adrian Grenier”

  1. What a classy guy, taking the time to give the local paper an interview. Whenever you hear or read Grenier’s comments, he always gives off a gigawatt of positive energy. Wonder what the BayArea project is?
    I live work in Burlingame and Foster City, but I will have to check out Petaluma fort a weekend trip.

  2. Great interview! Thanks Positively Petaluma and Adrian for taking the time…and for remember some of our best restaurants. I have lived in Petaluma for most of my life and know most of the business owners and can attest to the fact that they really do care about what they are doing and try their best to bring their customers the best food and best dining experience. …my mouth is now watering from reading about all these great places so I’m off to Everest Indian for one of their killer lunch specials.

  3. Thank you Positively Petaluma (Wayne) for this wonderful interview with Adrian.

    What a great testament to the very best of Petaluma, so glad you enjoyed you’re time with us Adrian.

    Come back soon and like Houston said I’m off for some yummy Indian food at Everest!

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