Update: Handmade Dolls To Stories For Children: An Interview with Jess Brown

Wayne: How do you go about selecting materials for the dolls you make today?

img011-sm Jess: I use iconic fabrics from liberty of London and linen… Then I blend those with antiques.

Wayne: How many dolls are ordered each month from your studio?

Jess: We make around 300 dolls a month

Wayne: If I wanted to purchase a doll, how would I go about that?


Jess: You could purchase directly off my website, email us, or just pop by the studio. Many people like to create their doll with us. Also, the full collection of women’s clothes is available at the studio.

Wayne: Do you make things other than dolls?

tassel-blanket_large Jess: I have a collection of women’s clothes and home pieces. The women’s and home is based on antique clothes I’d had in my collection. I’ve recreated them to be more modern and wearable.

Wayne: Now that you have gained popularity and there is an increased demand, how is the process different today to make the dolls?

Jess: The process of creating the dolls is only slightly different. I now have them cut and sewn in San Francisco. Then, the unstuffed doll forms come back to the studio and we begin the process of tea dying by hand and stuffing, assembling, embroidering, etc…

Wayne: I am sure that other mother’s with an entrepreneurial desire would like to know how you deal with the challenges of balancing home with work.  How do you do it?

Jess: This has been the hardest part. I was always very committed to not letting the work get in the way with the kids. I work while they are at school. Then, in the early years of the business, I would work after they would go to sleep… It was so hard. Sometimes until 1 and 2 AM in the morning to get orders done. Even now, I still make sure I’m home or on the way home by the time they are out of school. It’s funny, the teenage years seem even more important to be present and free of distraction.

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