When it comes to fighting Alzheimer’s Disease It’s All About Needing More Benjamins

The Benjamins
The Benjamins

If you missed this year’s Petaluma Walk to End Alzheimer’s at #Petaluma’s Shollenberger Park after watching this video you may decide you want to be a part of next years event. We ran across this video produced and posted by Christine Drew Benjamin (Music by Ingrid Michaelson) covering this event and we are very impressed by it. The YouTube video below is called “It’s All About the Benjamin’s – THANK YOU!” and does a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of the event and sense of community coming together to help fight such a debilitating disease. Her father who was diagnosed with the disease in 2012 is also on the video as he does a short speech. Notable is the amount of money she helped sponsor for this event with thank you’s to all her donors are provided as credits at the end.

VIDEO UPDATE: #Petaluma Resident Rescues Rare Aquatic Chick The Size of a Cotton Ball

Update: August 19, 2014 - from International Bird Rescue - Video - Feeding time for a rare Black Rail chick.


Click here for more information on the International Bird Rescue Site.  This is a photo of what an adult Black Rail looks like.  I have never seen one before.

An adult black rail. © Stephen E. Kacir
An adult black rail. © Stephen E. Kacir


Original Story.

The Black Rail chick is seen at the International Bird Rescue, left, and in the hand of Dione Rochelle when she found it, right. International Bird Rescue Isabel Luevano / Dione Rochelle.

Dione Rochelle probably had no idea what was in store for her on her walk at Shollenberger Park. In the middle of the path she found a rare aquatic shore baby chick. The baby chick is as small as a cotton ball and looks like a small puff of black fur but will grow to the size of a Sparrow.

According to the KSBW article, the Black Rail are hardly found and an threatened species. The bird was transferred to the Internation Bird Rescue’s San Francisco Bay Center and placed in an incubator.

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