Tom Cruise Impersonator Video For Petaluma Ca Exercise Class Goes Viral

Laura SundayA short time after the video below was released on Facebook it had already received over 1700 views.  The video is of a Tom Cruise impersonator doing a Risky Business routine showcasing Laura Sunday’s (We like to call her the Queen of Petaluma) exercise classes.

If you don’t already know Laura, she is the organizer of two great local events that benefit the Cinnabar Theater (The Great Petaluma Chili Cook-off and The Taste of Petaluma).  In her “spare time”[insert sarcasm] she also works as an exercise instructor at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club.

This impersonator Evan Ferrante does a great job and can be hired out and say whatever you want him to in a video as Tom Cruise through .  He states: “I’m using this inconceivable power to promote Laura Sunday‘s classes at Petaluma Valley Athletic Club!”