VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Petaluma Valley Wins Big at District 35 Championship

12-year old Majors Division Little League Championship were played last night at Rincon Valley Little League Park in Santa Rosa. The teams came into this competition with one loss each hoping to take one more step on the road to Williamsport.

Petaluma Valley wins big! Here are the highlights of courtesy of Youth Sports Network:

The Best Video Compilation Of #Petaluma Little League World Series

                             Photo by Argus Courier

We often run into Petaluma Little League World Series videos. Over the last year we noticed that a great many of the videos covering our hometown team are very bad in quality. We compiled what we think are the best quality videos available on the internet and put them right here in one place. Our Petaluma National team was the first to ever be in a Little League World series according to Little Leagues article Petaluma (Calif.) National Little League Earns First Berth in Little League Baseball World Series as West Region Champions.

Little League has sectioned off Petaluma into three leagues or zones: Petaluma American (northeast); Petaluma Valley (southeast); and Petaluma National (west of highway 101).  Petaluma National only represents about 1/3 of our city’s very finest baseball players.  We wonder what could happen if we were able to combine talent from each of these leagues to make one All-star team to have a true representation of the baseball talent our city produces.  We can only guess Japan would have their work cut out to beat a team like that. In 2012 under great odds our small Petaluma all-star team made it to the Little League World Series finishing #1 in the state, #2 in the country, and #3 in the WORLD.

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Petaluma American Little League Lights Up

#Petaluma American Little League (PALL) added lighting to their field.   This was a $120,000 price tag and tons of volunteers and local companies to make this happen.  PALL leases the Luchessi Park property from the city and relies only on donations and fundraisers to fund projects like this one. The Argus reports PALL donated the lights back to the city!  The city will pay the utility bill.

Those who are not close to Little League or baseball may not know why this news is POSITIVE.  We are short of baseball fields in our “baseball” town, and lights enable our leagues to play more games in the evening hours and will ease some of the scheduling challenges our local leagues face.  It will even allow the leagues to add more teams and keep snack shacks open longer, which is the main source of PALLs revenue needed to support that program. Another not so obvious benefit this will have is making our field more attractive for tournament play. Tournament play attracts people from outside of our town and our local economy will get a small boost from travelers needing a place to stay, food to eat, and foot traffic for retail.

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