Video: Want to see 11 Miles of the Petaluma River in a canoe in just 4+ Minutes?

ps_PetalumaRiver_largeThe Petaluma River is not only a popular water way for sports and fun, it also shaped our city’s history and heritage.  This week I found some interesting information about our River I thought was worth sharing. Jaringan Tokek recently blogged on our river in an article called Petaluma River – Petaluma River California on Friday, October 24, 2014 which covers the habitat, ecology and history of our river.  Petaluma also has a non-profit organization called the Friends of the Petaluma River whose goal is to celebrate and conserve the Petaluma River, its wetlands, and wildlife.  They support education and activities around our river and created several annual events around our river including the Petaluma Watershed Celebration, Petaluma River Clean-Up, Winter Fandango Gala, River Heritage Days, and let’s not forget the popular Rivertown Revival.

BAMM Releases 2014 #Petaluma Rivertown Revival Video

The Friends of Petaluma each year host and event called the Rivertown Revival.  This video does a good job of capturing the festivities and Congressman Jared Huffman also says some nice things about our city.