Becoming a Pirate from the West Coast: A farewell to Armstrong

Recently I posted an article Life’s A Ball” and then some: An interview with Dalton Johnson.  As a follow-up about Dalton he posted this article today on the AASU newspaper The Inkwell saying farewell to his college.

Click here to read his post on his blog “Life’s A Ball” Becoming a Pirate from the West Coast: A farewell to Armstrong

“Life’s A Ball” and then some: An interview with Dalton Johnson

By Wayne Dunbar,

Editor & Contributor to Petaluma Baseball Magazine

It’s hard to follow sports in Petaluma without running into the name Dalton Johnson.  Living and coaching baseball on the east side of Petaluma I really didn’t know Dalton.  It wasn’t until my son attended Petaluma High School and played on the varsity baseball team that I started hearing about him.

What intrigued me about Dalton is that while he has an impressive tenure in sports as an athlete he also has a passion to write about it.  Dalton was a sports intern for the Argus Courier.   Today he is an outfielder for a NCAA Division II Armstrong Atlantic University Pirates in Savannah, Georgia where he will graduate in spring with a B.A. in English with a concentration in journalism. Not only does he play on the field, he also writes a sports column for the AASU’s school newspaper, The Inkwell.  He also is author of a blog called “Life’s A Ball: Life, sports and everything in between.”

Photo credit: Armstrong Athletics
Photo credit: Armstrong Athletics


Dalton has an impressive track record in local sports. He earned All-League and All-Empire honors in both baseball and football for the Petaluma High School Trojans.  In Max-Preps his stats in his senior year are well over the national average.  In junior college at SRJC he earned All-Big 8 honors in baseball with an impressive record for a sophomore.  Even this week Dalton celebrated a big win for the AASU Pirates after hitting grand slam home run to send them past #24 nationally ranked Braves.  Not only was this the Pirates Senior Day, it was the first time that Dalton’s parents were able to see him play at Armstrong.  A day they won’t soon forget.

I set out to learn more about Dalton, because I felt that others would like to know more about him.  Dalton agreed to an interview so I am happy to share the following with you.

Wayne: What first inspired you to create Life’s A Ball?

Dalton: I started Life’s A Ball as a lowly blog for me to write my sports opinions in January of 2012. Once I decided to get more serious about my writing and create a more professional looking blog, it took off in the last two years.