Two #Petaluma Candy Bars Featured In 7×7 for Halloween

A 7×7 article by Alissa Merksamer 6 Local Candy Bars for Halloween featured two Petaluma companies that make candy bars to help sweeten eager trick-or-treaters.
000388Did you know that Amy’s Kitchen made candy? According to their website, Amy’s father Andy loves candy. As the son of a candy maker, he spent his childhood sampling chocolate morsels and chewy caramel from his father’s candy kitchen.  The 7×7 article indicates they launched this past summer adding four candy bars to the Amy’s line of organic, vegetarian prepared foods.
The other Petaluma company is Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate who are known for their organic chocolates. Owner Jacques Holten trained in confectionery in his native Holland before marrying his Northern California-reared wife Pam. Their small company in Petaluma emphasizes social responsibility, and they craft a variety of vegan chocolates made with non-bone char sugar, meaning sugar that hasn’t been bleached by ground cow bones. They too have bite-size treats appropriate for Halloween.
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