Become of contributor to the Petaluma Magazine.  It’s easy!  Upload your best Petaluma photos to our Flickr Group (if you don’t already have a Flickr account it is free and easy to start one) and each week we will choose a featured photo that will become the cover page of the Flickr Group and Magazine for an entire week.  How cool is that!  Your photo will be also be added to our Pinterest page.

Click here to see previous photos selected for our Magazine Cover.

Also when the Petaluma Magazine posts and Special Feature Interview the cover will change to that featured interview photo.  Photos chosen from the Flickr Group for the week will be added following special reports.

This sample cover photo is a special feature interview with Shelina Moreda

Petaluma Magazine

Shelina Moreda Racing
Shelina Moreda Racing

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  1. Great visiting your website today. I was working with my friend Debra Ann Jay, they are the owners of Petaluma Hills Brewery. We were pouring today, and you came by and took a couple of pictures of us. I was wondering if you still had our picture or the picture taken with my little dog Sophie. Would be interested in purchasing if available. Thank you, Esther

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