VIDEO: Cutest Chicken Dance Ever Seen In Petaluma Ca

Our city is full of charm and wonderful surprises making our Petaluma Downtown a great and memorable place to visit.  If it is not Petaluma Pete playing a piano on a corner or a flash siting of Roller Boy buzzing down the sidewalks we are constantly entertained by pop up street artists. You never know what’s going to happen unless you experience it.

This video of a street artist and the cutest little chicken dance (ever!) is a good taste of our pop up entertainment and the fun you will experience when visiting our historic downtown.  You can’t get more Petaluma culture than the chicken dance played on Accordion accompanied by a young girl who decided along her route through our Plaza to dance to the music.

This is a raw homemade video so give it a second to get squared away – we promise it will make you smile and worth two minutes of your day.

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