The Block Petaluma Food Truck & Beer Garden Creates Kickstarter Video

One Year Donor Club members in The Block Petaluma kickstarter campaign will get free beer for one year!

The Block PetalumaBoasting to add a communal food truck Marketplace that will attract top local chefs, The Block Petaluma – – hoping to open sometime in the spring – – has a location in Feed Mill District that provides a landscape of our historic industrial area (close to downtown shopping and ample parking).  Also within walking distance of the new Brewster’s Beer Garden, the Block will add to the nice redevelopment of the northern end of Water Street.

While we don’t see the kickstarter campaign on  The Block Petaluma’s website or Kickstarter page, you will want to keep posted on it as the video hails free beer for one year.  We will update this post when their pages are updated.


5 thoughts on “The Block Petaluma Food Truck & Beer Garden Creates Kickstarter Video”

  1. Wow, seems kinda whitey, hipster. I’m pretty sure they could have found some of our Latino community to add to the original food truck culture. Feels like food gentrification. Sorry, but I’m getting pretty tired of watching economic development marketing that isn’t inclusive (Deer Creek and Target marketing, Petaluma Star marketing, etc). But sounds like a great attraction if it IS more inclusive.

    1. Thanks Tiffany, we appreciate your comment. We didn’t pick up anything in their video that would exclude the local latino community. We recently posted on El Roy’s Mexican Grill which can be found very close to this site was named best food truck in Sonoma County ( and very popular with the locals. As far as your concern for The Block causing gentrification, the US Smithsonian says that food trucks are “edible symbols of cross-cultural inclusiveness, dripping plates of food drawn straight from the city’s recombinant DNA” and are a symbol of inclusiveness versus modest big-city restaurant spaces that involve multimillion-dollar build-outs and giant chains. Being a white uncle, I will have no problem taking my mexican and black nephews there to eat and if El Roys is parked there I will be all too happy to purchase something from their truck.

      1. Great quote Wayne! Too bad the video producer didn’t see before making the video. The point is that because it isn’t inclusive, it’s marketing to white people only. Had the spin been about how culturally-rich food truck food is (with the people that actually make that food represented) it would have come off much more culturally inclusive and not as another economic development piece aimed at white people or meant to attract white people. I think the food truck court will be a great economic attraction and hopefully will draw all kinds of people. I’m just going to be a voice demanding more inclusivity of diversity in our economic development marketing. I’ve been beating this drum a while now, it’s nothing new. I’m just trying to get people to think and hopefully to disrupt the systematic oppressions out there. 🙂

        1. Thank you Tiffany – 80% of the Petaluma population is white. A company who decides to use white people and doesn’t include other races in a video (cooking or not) is not oppressing other races in our community. It could be that the business owner had a couple of friends who volunteered to be in the video. “Disrupting”, or some may call it ‘defaming’, a small business trying to get its start in Petaluma by labeling them ‘oppressors’ is probably not the best way to get people thinking the way you want them to. 🙂

          1. Ah, yes, use my critique of systematic oppression to claim I’m the problem… Nice hubris.

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