OPINION POLL: Is Booming Petaluma, CA Gun Shop Business Good or Bad News?

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This could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Most of you know that KTVU anchor Ken Wayne is from Petaluma. We appreciate his coverage of our town when he is given the opportunity. We hope in the future KTVU can work harder to do more positive pieces on our city. If you are a subscriber on our site you know that there is an endless supply of good news stories that KTVU could cover but chooses not to. Prior to this report their focus was on DUIs the Friday before Thanksgiving – which is not just a Petaluma centric problem but more of a global one.  I don’t blame Ken for this because he doesn’t choose what he will cover.

We are happy for our local gun store owner, but the controversy continues about gun control especially in light of how our government has reacted to the recent terrorist acts in San Bernardino. We choose not to share political pieces, however we couldn’t decide if this was good or bad news.  We need your help, so we will leave that up to you.  After watching the video take a second (one click of the mouse) to participate take our anonymous poll below.

Here is the video (give a second for it to load and it will appear):

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