Some Great #Petaluma Aerial Videos From Local Cameraman

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John Campbell of Blind Eye Video is a local cameraman and we found some pretty great aerial videos in this week’s searches for #Petaluma content. So great that I thought I would share them with you on our site and we have added them to our Petaluma Aerial & Drone Videos Playlist on our YouTube Channel. If you have not already subscribed to our YouTube Channel please do so now as we regularly add not only videos we have created but ones others have created as well.   Click here for a full listing of our YouTube Playlists.

This is the first one we ran across that John posted just 6 days ago that is focused on the American Flag majestically waving over our historic grain mill and our beautiful Petaluma landscape.

The next capture is of our draw bridge on the Petaluma River that was first posted about a week ago.

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