Bill O’Reilly Says Happy Birthday To #Petaluma’s Josie Celebrating Her 103rd Birthday

Josie 103rd Birthday 1Josephine Graham celebrated her 103rd birthday on October 13.  About 50 friends and family gathered at the Petaluma Senior Cafe to join in the celebration . Josie is a lifelong Petaluma resident and still lives in her home that she bought many years ago.

A few days later Bill O’Reilly, with millions of views all over the world, mentioned her birthday on The O’Reilly Factor.

Bill O’Reilly says Happy Birthday to Josie from Petaluma, California who turned 103 from Wayne Dunbar on Vimeo.

Thanks goes to Katherine Kogler for providing the photos and information about Josie’s celebration at the Petaluma Senior Center.

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