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Rhino Vehicle Petaluma

UPDATE August 8, 2015: Check out also Petaluma artists prep for Burning Man, By Yovanna Biererich, Argus Courier Staff.


A local artist, Kevin Clark, received a grant from Black Rock City Arts to build Medusa Madness for this year’s Burning Man event.  Clark, who is also co-owner of The Shop on Kentucky St.,  is known for his restaurant design and Rhino Vehicle that rolled down the streets in this year’s Butter & Egg Days Parade.  His rhino vehicle will serve as the stage for the Rivertown Revival event on July 18. He assisted with previous year’s Burning Man temples in 2001 and 2002.  This huge Medusa head will be located in the front of the “Key Hole” in center camp giving it high status as one of the major displays at this year’s Burning Man event. Medusa’s head will sport a cobra tiara and covered with polished-mirror finished stainless steel.

Medusa-11Medusa Madness will have 25 snake heads whose bodies will be 400 ft. long and require over 800 barrels to construct. Each section has to be welded on to the structure.  Last year  we covered the Temple of Grace built for the 2014 event by local artist David Best.  Best’s project required tons of volunteers to construct.  See VIDEO UPDATE: #Petaluma’s David Best Builds 2014 Burning Man Temple In Petaluma  and Photos of the Temple of Grace Built By Petaluma Artist David Best And Many Petaluman Volunteers.  The difference with this project is it cannot use volunteers because its construction requires skilled labor.  When we were on site there were 4 active welders building the structure.

Medusa-10The snake heads will also be covered with mirrored finished stainless steel.  The heads will breathe fire requiring over 100 gallons of propane.  Their eyes will light up using 200 MRG 16 RGB LED lights.  The eyes will blink and roll.

Medusa-13Inside of the structure will serve as an atrium for people to move about inside the structure.  The entire structure will be finished in 4 to 5 weeks and will be moved to the Burning Man camp on August 22.

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