We have become the voice for #Petaluma in the Sonoma County Gazette!

Positively Petaluma Breaks Into Print in Sonoma GazetteOver the last year, we have become a growing media presence for Petaluma. Our stories are shared and featured on local radio and TV,  and one of the fastest growing in local social media. Our posts and stories are organically grown by Petalumans for Petaluma.  We have grown our followers and subscribers locally and 98% of the thousands who follow us are from Petaluma.  We have attracted new talented journalists and grown from 1 to 6 regular contributors over the last 6 months.

One place where Positively Petaluma does not have reach is in print. That day is over! Recently our editor Wayne Dunbar was selected to be contributor for the Petaluma Community section of the free Sonoma County Gazette conveniently called Positively Petaluma.  This will bring our posts out to an additional 130,000 readers! He will not only be contributing positive information about Petaluma but also opinion and community involvement stories that will be of interest to a broader Sonoma County audience. Sonoma GazetteSo pick up a copy of the July Sonoma County Gazette and check out our column.  We hope you will like it. Also the online section of the Sonoma County Gazette may have different information than what actually goes into print from time to time.  We will update you on our Sonoma County Gazette posts going forward. The relationship with the Sonoma County Gazette allows us to continue to provide information and reports free online and in print.  You can also have it delivered to you for as little as $48/year. Click here to find out how to subscribe.

Click here to see the electronic version of the Positively Petaluma Community section on the Sonoma County Gazette website.

Here are newstands and outlets where you can find the Sonoma County Gazette in Petaluma and Penngrove:


  • Seed Bank 
  • Della Fattoria 
  • Starbuck’s Downtown *
  • Vine & Barrel 
  • Fregenes Pizza 
  • Chelsea Antiques
  • Calabi Gallery 
  • Lala’s Creamery 
  • Riverfront Gallery 
  • Viva Cocolat 
  • Water Street Bistro
  • Corkscrew Wine Bar 
  • Athletic Soles
  • McNear’s Restaurant 
  • Hollingsworth Jewelers
  • Fruit in Motion * 
  • Bovine Bakery
  • Great Petaluma Mill/AppleBox * 
  • Cordoza’s Deli Café
  • Copperfield’s Books *
  • Punjabi Restaurant *
  • Heritage Salvage 
  • Aqus Café *
  • Petlauma Coffee & Tea 
  • 4th and C Bus Stop *
  • Mail Depot 
  • 4th St Post Office *
  • Petaluma Market *
  • Andy’s Sushi Bar
  • Gallery One
  • Ray’s Deli 
  • Petaluma Arts Center 
  • Petaluma Visitors Center 
  • Mary’s Pizza on Washington *
  • Whole Foods 
  • Steele Bear Deli 
  • One Club Fitness 
  • Park Deli Café 
  • Petaluma Library 
  • Inspired Fitness 
  • Starbuck’s on Lakeville
  • Seven-11 
  • Chevron Mini Mart 
  • Round Table Pizza 
  • Springfield Place 
  • Two-Niner Diner 
  • Pub Republic
  • Marina Bean
  • Sunflower Center
  • Petaluma SRJC Campus 
  • Starbuck’s on Sonoma Mountain Parkway
  • Chunky’s Taqueria
  • Flamez Bar and Grill 
  • Laganitas Brewing 
  • Orchard Supply Hardware
  • Raley’s Store, N. McDowell Boulevard *
  • The UPS Store on N McDowell
  • I HOP Restaurant
  • Starbuck’s Coffee on N. McDowell
  • Sunrise Senior Living
  • Petaluma Community Center
  • Petaluma Senior Center
  • Petaluma Valley Hospital


  • Mack’s Bar & Grill
  • Penngrove Pub
  • Frizelle Enos
  • JavaMore * 

 Click here for a complete list of newstands and outlets throughout Sonoma County.


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