“My Petaluma” video copies Petaluma McDonalds’ Commercial

McDonalds Commercial

UPDATE May 21, 2015: Posted by Argus Courier just three days after our post,  ‘Take two’ on McDonald’s Petaluma commercial

A few days ago a new video was introduced by Chris Cathcart Films called “My Petaluma” with over 700 views already after just a few days of posting it. We were very eager to check it out.  After watching it we said “Right on! that was great.”  We couldn’t wait to share it.  But it had a hint of something.  We watched it a few more times, and yep – it was the Petaluma McDonald’s commercial turned local.  As you know there was a pretty tremendous controversy recently over the Petaluma McDonalds commercial.  If you missed it before, our post The #Petaluma McDonalds TV Spot Commercial is Released! was on the news – which stirred a strong reaction from the community.   Following that we posted Is Any Publicity Good Publicity for #Petaluma? McDonalds Commercial Revisited.

LagunitasWe think this new video “My Petaluma” is a response, or a counter, to the Petaluma McDonald’s Commercial. We think this was our town’s way to express what the video portrays as “truly local.” a “Made In Petaluma” statement. Even though the two McDonalds franchises in town are owned by local business owners people don’t identify with the McDonalds’ brand as being “local.”  People don’t identify with the large food chain as being “who we are” as a people and we don’t want others to think that their brand is anything close to identifying with our city or culture. There is even a contingent that does not even think east Petaluma has anything to do with the west side, and both McDonald’s are on the east side of town.  Several have said, even though the two McDonald’s are in Petaluma, the video portrayed it as being downtown (which as we know – they aren’t).

Clover EggsWhile we much prefer the “My Petaluma” version of these videos, we are putting them side by side so you can see just how close they are.  From the script, the scene changes, music etc… they are very very similar.  There is no mistake about it – this is video was produced as a response to the Petaluma McDonald’s commercial.

My Petaluma By Chris Cathcart:

Petaluma McDonalds commercial:

Chris was obviously very passionate about this subject by his facebook posts.


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