What is Capoeira? Find out More About #Petaluma’s Weekend of Martial Arts

CapibaraWhen we were told about Capoeria we thought they were talking about very large rodents in the Africa [insert sarcasm here].  What we learned was that it is an art of survival in muscle memory using rhythms and movements.  You learn martial arts through music and dance.  How cool is that?

Petaluma Capoeira 6th Annual Azania BatizadoWhy is this important now?  They have a jammed packed weekend of events starting today and throughout the weekend suitable for the entire family. It’s Capoeira Petaluma’s 6th Annual Azania Batizado.  Our translation – a bunch of exciting fun events where you can learn and participate in this mixed art (by the way don’t tell your kids it is also good exercise).  In years past they have entered in our Butter & Eggs Day parade.  You may have seen them doing crazy jumps and twirls down the street (like in the p360 photo above).  Instead of being in the parade this year, they will be sponsoring a series of events many of which are open to the public.  So if you are around the downtown swing by and check it out.

Schedule (from their website): 
Special Vivencia Thursday night workshop with Contra Mestre Pedro Cruz. 7:30 at the Petaluma School of Ballet, 110 Howard Street, Petaluma, CA. $10 if you are coming to the whole Batizado event. $15 if you are going to only this workshop or going partially to the Batizado.

4:00-5:00: Kids workshop at the Petaluma School of Ballet
5-6:30pm: Open roda at Helen Putnam Plaza (open to the public)
7-8:30pm: Adults Workshop at the Petaluma School of Ballet
8:30-10pm: Roda (Petaluma Ballet School)

10:00-noon: Street Roda, 2 spots downtown. Meet up at Walnut park at 10 am. (open to the public)
2:30 & 3:30: Adults Workshop at the Petaluma School of Ballet
3:30: Kids Workshop at the Petaluma School of Ballet
4:45: Batizado at the Petaluma School of Ballet (open to the public)
10:00 pm: Party at Zodiacs

11 am: Brunch (at Zodiacs, wtih a Roda): $TBD
1:30pm BBQ

Capoeira Summer Camp

Also starting on June 8th they will have a Capoeria Summer Camp for kids starting June 8th.  Get more information about the Summer Camp on their website www.capoeirapetaluma.com/

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