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How many readers of the Press Democrat comics have noticed that Snoopy is asking about – “Petaluma?” because that is where the annual World’s Wrist Wrestling Contest is held. This competition was started in a Petaluma bar in 1953 and was publicized by a local reporter – Bill Soberanes. This series of cartoons by Charles Schultz was originally published years ago, and has helped put Our Favorite River Town on the world map. Snoopy is wondering where Petaluma is located. Why is the contest being held there? Can a blogger help Snoppy find the answer to these questions?

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Talking About Petaluma Wrist Wrestling Championships

A new blog site titled, Our Favorite River Town, is being created for use on the Positively Petaluma website. Although there is another blog, Our River Town, published on the Argus-Courier’s Petaluma360.com site by the same blogger,; we will be experimenting with this new site in order to get maximum exposure to the largest audience. Readers of both sites will be encouraged to read both posts and to share their thoughts.

Snoopy Arm Wrestling Linus Comic Strip

My Our River Town blog was initiated in the 1990s to share reflections about how the information and technology world of today was impacting Petaluma. To date, over 600 blogs have been posted in the following categories: Our Community. Then & Now, Web of Life, Remembering Bill Soberanes, Lest We Forget, Emergency Preparedness, Fred Wiseman, Our Cyberplace, Petaluma History, The Sages of Petaluma, and the Petalumans of Yesteryears.

Snoopy - Welcome To PetalumaAbout The Author:

Following a 40-year career as an educator, Bill Hammerman is currently a community volunteer who founded Petaluma Electronic Network (PEN) in 1996, the Petaluma CyberCity Roundtable (PCCR) and the Petalumans of Yesteryear in 1998, and the Petaluma Alliance for Local Emergency Response Teams (ALERT) in 2006. He was one of the original walking tour guides for the Petaluma History Museum and currently serves as the facilitator for the Sages of Petaluma and the Petalumans of Yesteryear.

Please feel free to share theseĀ  blogs with your friends and colleagues and help put Our Favorite River Town on the world map.



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