#Petaluma Indie band launches new record

Petaluma Indie Band SaffellLocal Vibe Music announced yesterday that Petaluma-based band Saffel released it’s new record The Devil’s On The Radio hit the airwaves and can be played on virtually any device.  Several launch parties have been held to celebrate the new record. Don’t miss their release performance on Saturday, April 4 starting at 2PM at the Last Record Store located at 1899 Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa.

Saffell Sproul, the multi-faceted singer and pianist whose band takes on his name is the writer and lyricist on the record, leads the indie rock band. His piano is a Korg SV-1, with a sound that models classic rock keyboards.

SaffelAlthough this three member band has already released a few singles, this is their debut of the full-length album. Produced by David Rubinstein, popular songs on the record include,  American Piano,  We the Blind,  and Back Home.  Devil’s On The Radio. These songs were tracked at Prarie Sun Studios in Cotati and engineered by Matt Wright. They were mixed by Andy Zenczak at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz and mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Studios in Phoenix.

Other band members are Bill O’Donnell of Cloverdale on drums and Matt Pasquale on bass from Santa Rosa. The group has performed its soulful indie music at night clubs and festivals all over the Bay Area including the Petaluma Music Festival, Zodiacs and at Lagunitas Taproom.

The band is represented by Petaluma’s Second Octave Talent who recently launched their new website SaffelMusic.com. You can purchase their songs on Amazon by clicking on the album titles or individual song titles above.

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