Poppy Tooker of Louisiana Eats! Interviews Petaluma’s Liam Callahan of Bellwether Farms

Poppy Tooker Lousiana Eats89.9 WWno’s (The University of New Orleans, New Orleans Public Radio which is a part of the NPR digital network) host Poppy Tooker on Louisiana Eats! interviews our very own Liam Callahan of Petaluma’s Bellwether Farms called Why I Decided To Keep The Family Business Alive.

In the article provides the following:

           “Of course, family dynamics aren’t isolated to Louisiana. Liam Callahan followed in his mother’s lead to become a gourmet cheesemaker in the rolling hills of Petaluma, California and traveled as far as Italy to sharpen his skills. His family’s dairy has been providing sheep’s cheese to high-end stores and fining dining restaurants for roughly two decades, including the all-local, all-seasonal restaurant of Chez Panisse. Their head chef Cal Peternell has brought his family through the restaurant so often, it’s hard for him to distinguish between his domestic and professional families”

Poppy did a fantastic job of this interview and I learned a lot about how Bellwether Farms makes their world-class cheeses. (This is an audio only. For the full interview you can click on the article link above)

Here is another nice short video we found that was done about three years ago by David Carstens

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