Let The Games Begin! Lisa Draper Posts First Positively Petaluma T-Shirt Photo

Congrats to Lisa Draper, a beautician at Studio 132 (Spa, Beauty & Personal Care) on Liberty Street in Petaluma, for submitting the first photo of Payton & Taylor Draper and Colleen Cline wearing the new Positively Petaluma T-shirts. Payton dressed it up for the holidays with a Santa hat – Awesome. You girls look great! Thanks for sharing and your donation to COTS.

You too will be noticed for spreading good news about our great city and giving back to your community.  Maybe you are a:

  • Restaurant or Bar owner, host(ess), or worker
  • Band or musician playing at a Petaluma venue
  • Petaluma public works, police, firefighter or politician
  • Team, athlete, or coach of a Petaluma sport.
  • Traveler in a foreign country
  • Participant at a Petaluma event or standing next to a Petaluma historical site or Landmark
  • Petaluma business owner or entire company
  • Volunteer for a Petaluma charity or docent
  • Teacher or Student at a Petaluma school or away for college
  • On a walk or hike at a Petaluma park or open space
  • Fisherman or water sportsman on the Petaluma river
  • Petaluma Author or Artist holding a copy of your book or artwork

Get creative but please keep it clean. We are a G-rated family-appropriate safe place to get information for all audiences. Who knows maybe you too will be featured on our site and social media feeds.

Over a hundred sold in just a few days.  Because $1.00 for each sale is going to COTS, that means over $100 will be donated to them in February. Let’s make that over a $1,000 by January 31, 2015.  Click here to get information on how to get yours.

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