Breaking News: #Petaluma #1 Most Caring City in America

Here is the scoring which ranked Petaluma the highest



For more information you can go to directly to the article by Natalie Grigson These Are The 10 Most Caring Small Cities In America


3 thoughts on “Breaking News: #Petaluma #1 Most Caring City in America”

  1. Petaluma #1? Funny. My Mom, college aged daughter and I just spent the day in Petaluma in Sept. We were loaded with cash and set out to go shopping. Well, let me tell you this; we didn’t buy 1 thing. We are into small business shopping and the only person working in the shop that greeted us hello upon walking in was the nice waiter at The Wild Goat Bistro in the Petaluma Mill. So we ate lunch and left with disappointment. The people were so rude!!!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment, and sorry for your bad experience. Hope you will give it another try in the future. I am in the downtown often and have not had the same experience.

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