It’s Free & Takes 2 Seconds To Improve #Petaluma. How?

How you ask? Here’s the background as reported yesterday in the Sonoma County Southern Life.

Petaluma entrepreneur Anastasia Schuster helps entrepreneurs and small businesses be more successful. By putting them in front of groups to share their passion and expertise, they are able to build their client base.

This is a woman with a dream. Anastasia gives back to her community in addition to her Access Speakers business activities, through an extra-wide range of volunteer activities throughout the year. Now she needs our help.

She has applied for a $150,000 small business grant being offered by Chase bank. “Receiving this would change my life as well as all the people and businesses I serve,” says Anastasia, who must receive 250 votes before Oct 17th to be considered for the grant that would fund software and vital staff hiring in order for her to expand her Petaluma-based business nationwide.

So how can you help Petaluma by a few seconds of your time and one click of the mouse? Click here to vote for her on Chase Bank’s Mission Main Street Grants page.

One thought on “It’s Free & Takes 2 Seconds To Improve #Petaluma. How?”

  1. I simply can’t thank you enough for taking the time to vote and to share this with others. With just 9 days 13 hours and 40 minutes (but who’s counting – ha ha) left to get 113 more votes, every single one counts!

    Thank goodness Chase doesn’t make people register or do anything complicated to do this. It really is just a quick click on the VOTE button and it’s done. Well, as long as the voter has a Facebook account. 🙂

    I’m so excited about the possibilities if I win this grant…and will be able to help so many more entrepreneurs and small businesses grow as a result of it. Woo-Hoo!



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