Documentary On #Petaluma COTS Program by N.G. Parker

This documentary is very well done about our #Petaluma COTS program.  Thanks for sharing it on Facebook and other social media outlets by clicking on the buttons provided below.

One thought on “Documentary On #Petaluma COTS Program by N.G. Parker”

  1. This video shows what is wrong with the housing situation in Sonoma County. Note that all the homeless people in the video are caucasian. Because preference for low income housing is given to all the hispanics with a million kids. This may sound rascist, but it is the reality. I am 53, permanently disabled, and I am always 1 month away from being homeless. Spousal support from ex-husband is always iffy at best – many months I have to cut back on food and medicine to make rent. I was born and raised in this town, I am a US citizen. I started working at 15, put myself through college, had a good job in the Silicon Valley and then I got sick. Came home because I couldn’t afford to live anywhere else. I have tried re-training, and looking at other jobs, but because of physical limitations, I have been unable to work. There are many like me; it is not a new story. I don’t drink, do drugs, or even smoke cigarettes. I do not have a police record. I have been told that the only service that I qualify for is a one trip a month to a food bank. No family. What do I do?

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