#Petaluma’s Grammy Nominated Hollis Wong-Wear Slams Her Way Into Mainstream Music

NBC News this morning released an article Hollis Wong-Wear Slams Her Way into Mainstream Music by Ruby Veridiano about the Petaluma native .  She made her way from Petaluma to Seattle on an academic scholarship.  There she has become part of the local poetry slam scene as a performer-to-watch and youth poet mentor through YouthSpeaks Seattle.

Here is the NBC Interview

The article goes on to say…The eldest daughter of a Chinese immigrant mother and an American father, Wong-Wear credits her mother — an entrepreneur who moved alone from Hong Kong to the U.S. — for her vision and drive. “I inherited my hustle from her,” she said.

Hollis Wong-Wear In White Walls Video
Hollis Wong-Wear In White Walls Video

She has worked as a tour manager in the hip-hop scene and appeared in videos like “White Walls” that has had over a million views and appeared in national morning and late night talk shows.  She is now touring the U.S. with The Flavr Blue. Click here to get more information about Hollis on her website.

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