Interview with #Petaluma’s Gary Pihl Guitarist For Legendary Band Boston

Gary Pihl a native of Petaluma is a guitarist for the legendary band Boston and formerly played with Sammy Hagar and Night Ranger.  Recently he completed an interview with Rustyn Rose of Axs Entertainment in Examiner article Boston brings Life, Love and Hope to Boise: Guitarist Gary Pihl sounds off”.  

In this article Gary vividly recalls the first time he heard Boston’s music, and hails that 1976 debut album as life-changing: “I remember where I was when I first heard it. I was driving down the street in my home town at the time of Petaluma, California—pulled up to a stop-light and there was a car in front of me, and the guy in the car jumps out of the car, runs back to me, and I realize its someone I know, and he goes, ‘Quick, turn on the radio. You gotta hear this. This is Boston! This is the most amazing stuff ever.’ So I flipped on the station and there was ‘More Than a Feeling’, and I was like ‘Wow, what is that sound?’ It was just so unique at that time, and obviously it just caught fire. That is something really special.” 

Here is the interview and other recent videos posted by Gary.

One thought on “Interview with #Petaluma’s Gary Pihl Guitarist For Legendary Band Boston”

  1. Loved the interview Rustyn. As a local Petaluma Musician myself, it’s great to hear that Gary is still so enthusiastic and excited about both his craft and touring. Having seen him play with the Red Rocker and Boston over his career, I can only say our small but mighty Petaluma Musical Community is still so proud of Gary’s accomplishments.

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