VIDEO: Tony Magee Tells Story How #Petaluma’s Lagunitas IPA was born

Tony Magee appears in this live interview by Spudnik on Cuz’s Corner video by Jam In the Van at Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Randy Gremp (Center)
Randy Gremp (Center)

The Scottish Magee tells the story how he was exhausted making beers and was frustrated with the results.  So he called on Randy Gremp Brewmaster of The Calistoga Brewing Company who unselfishly shared his brewing secret that helped Tony to change his recipe to create the Lagunitas IPA. Gremp now a brewmaster for Third Street Ale Works (shown in this picture with other brewmasters) has a reputation in Sonoma County brewing circles that is legendary.  Magee writes about him in his book speaking of the origins of his famous IPA.

“I wrote the recipe, but it was directly inspired by the very best brewer in the North Bay, who brewed the most sophisticated and subtle beers in the very tiniest and most compact brewery I’d ever seen: Randy Gremp…”

In this interview we find not only did Magee learn a lot about making beer from the British but he can also play guitar and sing.  He also announced that they just signed a contract that will put Lagunitas beer in over 900 bars in London in the near future.

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