Video: #Petaluma’s Jonny Gomes Great Stand-up Comedy Host Potential

                       Video Clip By MLB Network Intentional Talk

Jonny Gomes appears on MLB Network show Intentional Talk with hosts MLB broadcasters Chris Rose and 2004 World Series Champion Kevin Millar introducing Gomes as a “ratings booster”.  It’s not clear who is actually running the show or if the hosts were ready for what Gomes was going to do.  Gomes, now an Oakland Athletic, brings on a special guest Steve who is a satirical “Oakland Athletics NBA Basketball Referee”.  Gomes choreographed this hilarious interview like a pro.  Positively Petaluma sees great potential for Gomes to take over Kimmel’s job in the future.  This referee is a crack-up.  Click the video below to start enjoying this interview.



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