An interview with Shelina Moreda Cont: Hard Work and Giving Back

Wayne: Tell us what a typical day of training looks like for you.

Shelina: I try to stay active all the time. Living on a ranch makes this easier. I get bored if I just go to the gym so I have to spice it up and don’t have a “typical routine”. I ride dirt bikes for training a lot, that’s my favorite. When I can’t ride dirt bikes or I want to change it up, I do crossfit, go rock climbing, bicycle ride, or do hot yoga. When I’m traveling I do circuit training style WODs that I can do in a hotel room or hotel gym.

In addition to training I really watch what I eat. We grew up on whole milk, we have always had a garden, and we get fresh eggs from the chickens, so I was raised with a healthy style of eating. I try and maintain that as much as possible, and I eat a lot of high fiber foods, with real ingredients, not fake sugars and whatnot. Candy is a weakness for me though…

Wayne: When is your next race?  Are there any races in the near future that will be close to Petaluma that local fans can come out and enjoy?

Shelina: We just raced at Sears Point, and I anticipate we will race there at the beginning of May next year again as well. I have a race in Monterey at Laguna Seca in July. If people really want to get a taste of what I do, I put on Girlz MotoCamps, where we have a 2 day school on how to ride or improve your riding. We have them here in Petaluma about once every month and a half this year.

Wayne:  Tell us more about your Girlz MotoCamps?

Shelina:  I do a lot of training on dirt bikes and I figured out that other people want to learn to train like this too. Our Girlz MotoCamps teach fundamental skills on a dirtbike that benefit and challenge every level of rider from absolute beginner to professional racer. It’s not just riding dirtbikes. It’s a whole experience, and it builds confidence, self empowerment, endurance and strength. One of my favorite things about the camps is the bonds they also build, the students walk away with new friends, new goals, and big smiles. I have some of the best female racers around as my instructors, Olivia Francis, Heather Mowell, and Sharon Mowell aka s_mowell190y. They are each at the top of their classes in the series they race and they are phenomenal teachers, excellent role models, and extremely encouraging of our students. I’m proud to have such a strong crew. We have one “Family Camp” in June, the 13-15 and the next Girlz MotoCamp is in August. [Click here for more information on how to register]

Wayne: I understand you created a brand called She’z Racing because if anyone asked where you were, this is the reply they would give. Tell us more about She’z Racing and what that is all about.

Shelina:  She’z Racing is a brand I started to help promote my racing. We have a racing related apparel line and we have a team of umbrella girls who work for other racers as well as working events for She’z Racing. We do charity events like Wine for Wheels and the RIP City Riders Chili Billy Run. The She’z Racing crew also helps organize and support Girlz MotoCamps and offers scholarships to girls wanting to attend the MotoCamps. The website is

Wayne:  They say you are the next Danica Patrick but on two wheels – what does your future look like in the sport of racing?

Shelina:  I’m pretty different from Danica in a lot of ways, but I do appreciate the comparison. I think Danica is awesome and I respect how strong she is at marketing and getting her name known as an athlete. I want to be like the Amelia Earhart of motorcycle racing, a pioneer, advancing motorcycle technology and enthusiastically breaking glass ceilings. I want to be the best known female athlete in the United States (and beyond), and I want a lot more “firsts” and awesome adventures.

Wayne:  Thank you so much for the interview and the best of luck to you

Shelina:  Thank you for interviewing me.

Photo Wall Street Journal Live
Photo Wall Street Journal Live

In March Shelina was interview by the Wall Street Journal on Wall Street Live.  Click here to see that interview.

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