Pongo’s Restaurant, Consistently Good and Free Beer too!

Positively Petaluma usually does not blog on or review restaurants, but this small eastside neighborhood restaurant is worth our (and your) attention because they are consistently good.  Not just the food, but the service, atmosphere, and entertainment as well.  If you have not experienced Pongo’s Kitchen and Tap, located in the Leghorn Shopping Center, you don’t know what you are missing.

Pongo’s is a family-owned restaurant that believes every dish should be made to order with the freshest ingredients. They have a great menu specializing in Thai-inspired dishes as well as several options of salads, soups and burgers. For the Thai dishes you can request mild, medium, or really really hot!

Each time we go into Pongo’s we are greeted right away and seated with a smile. They are very attentive.  If you get a glass of wine, the pour is very generous. Their kitchen runs like clockwork and you don’t sit having to wait for your meal even when the restaurant is busy.  The service is excellent.  Your dinner can be served at the bar, or if you don’t feel like cooking and you want to eat in the comfort of your home they do take out as well.

One thing that Pongo’s has that no other restaurant offers is free beer. That’s right!  According to their sign they have free beer. However the free beer is always tomorrow.  We keep coming back the next day hoping for free beer, but they keeping pushing it to the next day.  Even though we don’t get free beer, being able to watch a Giants games on their large screen TVs while dining there is worth paying for a nice cold Lagunitas on tap.

News is buzzing about Petaluma’s Lagunitas Brew Co

Today’s news is buzzing about #Petaluma ‘s Lagunitas Brewing Co.. San Francisco Inside Scoop reports they had a really big year with an over 80% growth in case sales now ranking sixth in the world for craft beers. Big news in Chicago Tribune reports bottling started in their new Chicago facility which has a massive capacity to produce.  Also New York Times reports about the new facility in Chicago.  For all the stories click here for the Petaluma Magazine which provides links directly to these stories.  This short video on their bottling in Chicago is a good update this Lagunitas Bottles Beer In Chicago.