Two videos added to our Petaluma Butter & Egg Days Parade YouTube Playlist

Petaluma High School Marching Band in 2015 Butter & Egg Days ParadeWe have two new 2015 Butter & Egg Days Parade videos added to our playlist.

Petaluma Junior High School Marching Band in 2015 Butter & Egg Days Parade


District 2 Dairy Princess Connie Jones with 1st Alt. Alex Gambonini 2015 Butter & Egg Days Parade

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Petaluma Eats! Yes we do. Laura agrees.

Laura Gouillon
From Laura Gouillon’s LinkedIn Page

This morning I ran across the video below called Petaluma Eats by a former Petaluma High School student, , who obviously understands the Petaluma culinary landscape well.  She does an excellent job capturing local foodie scene in a fun and creative way.

Hopefully this post will also shine light on this bright young Petaluma videographer. Also you have to admit it goes really well with our Petaluma Eats! column.

Petaluma Eats from Laura Gouillon on Vimeo.

Welcome to the quaint city of Petaluma, California!
Explore the deliciousness of this city’s downtown through its great eating spots.

Created for the Weekend Challenge:


PCA tv releases video of Petaluma High School’s 2014 Graduation Ceremony

Petaluma High Chamber Choir Singing National AnthemEvery year Petaluma Community Access does a good job capturing our High School Graduation ceremonies.  Today they released Petaluma High School’s 2014 Graduation ceremony.  See anyone you know?  If you do please send them a link to this post or use the social media share icons below.  Brandon Marweg Valedictorian 2014 Petaluma High SchoolWe hope that our 2014 grads are doing great after their first year of college and adulthood.  Our local high schools do a great job in getting them prepared for the next steps in their lives.



PHOTO Gallery: Sneak Peek Of Hotel Petaluma Renovation

UPDATE May 30, 2015: Historic Hotel Petaluma under renovation, By William Rohrs, Petaluma Argus Courier

From our office on the second story window directly across from the The Hotel Petaluma, we often see people peering into the windows with curiosity of what is going on inside the hotel.  So we decided to give you a first hand look at what’s going on.

Petaluma Hotel Renovation-3Many know by now that the Hotel Petaluma was sold to new owners.  If you missed the article we shared from the Argus Courier you can click on the article Hotel Petaluma sold again City’s iconic downtown building to be revamped.  Talk of renovations to this historic landmark immediately makes you want to cringe.  If you have not been to the hotel before, there is a plaque in the entry way.  It is a dedication to the 855 men and women whose cooperative efforts led to the completion of the hotel. It says

It stands as evidence and proof of the faith which the people of Petaluma have in each other and in their city…..

Original Petaluma Hotel Courtyard Entrance
Original Hotel Petaluma Courtyard Entrance

The good news is the new owners are trying to return our iconic hotel back to it’s original design (as close as possible) with some upgrades to the rooms. Some of the rooms that were built dormitory style with no bathrooms in the room. On that floor you would share a bathroom on the floor.  They will eventually add bathrooms to each room.  For now and in the near future you will be seeing special packages for these dorm style rooms anchored with some of our upcoming events.  For example for those who plan to tie the knot at the Rivertown Revival may see special room rates for these dorm style rooms to accommodate wedding parties and their families.

Colleen Marlow, Sales & Catering Manager; Juli Lederhaus, GM
Colleen Marlow, Sales & Catering Manager; Juli Lederhaus, GM

The new owners hired a new GM.  Not just a hotel GM, but someone who has experience in managing historic hotels in Massachusetts. We met Juli Lederhaus and found that in less than a week she already acquired an intimate knowledge of the hotel and its history.


Video: ‘Tell Mom I’m OK’ – Spencer Dickinson Found Alive – Mom’s Reaction

VIDEO UPDATE: May 3, 2015, KPIX Channel 5, Native #Petaluma Spencer Dickinson Despite Destruction Stays in Nepal Determined To Help Family.

Original Story:
Spencer Dickinson was unaccounted for after the Nepal Earthquake while hiking towards Mount Everest.  This raw video coverage shows the mother’s relief after learning that her son was found alive.  He was being helicoptered off the mountain and hears “Tell Mom I am OK”.

Here are other reports

Petaluma dad hears from son days after Nepal quake

Petaluma man missing on Everest alive and well


#Petaluma’s Leo Laporte Revives ‘New’ Screen Savers on TWiT’s 10th Anniversary

Leo Laporte surprised everyone on Sunday when he turned TWiT’s 10-year anniversary into a revival launch of the show Screen Savers, the original show that pushed TWiT into stardom.  According to the TWiT website yesterday:

Leo Laporte Host of New Screen SaversWe are thrilled to announce that we will launch The New Screen Savers on May 2, 2015. The New Screen Savers will be a weekly, tech-themed variety show that reinvents the format for the modern age. Each hour-long episode will feature help and how-to segments, insight on the latest tech innovations, products, and trends, plus lots of fun surprises.

Every week, Leo Laporte will be joined by an array of TWiT contributors, including original “Screen Saver” Megan Morrone (née Olesky), Mike Elgan, Jason Howell, Father Robert Ballecer, and Bryan Burnett. Some episodes will also feature guest co-hosts from the original show, including Patrick Norton, Kate Botello, Kevin Rose, and more.

The New Screen Savers will record live, every Saturday at 3PM Pacific It will be made available for download and streaming later that evening at

In and interview with ZDNet Leo said “This is not something I would have tried even a couple years ago,” and went on to say  “But we’ve built this infrastructure over time to be able to do what is essentially a broadcast show over the internet.”

TWit Brick House In Petaluma CalforniaThe show will be filmed at the TWiT Brickhouse studios in Petaluma, California with a set that was used for the original show. He plans to bring back guests from his original show who were on his 10th Anniversary show, but didn’t know about the launch – they too were all surprised and had no idea this was going to happen when they came out to Petaluma this week.

Also in the ZDNet interview TWiT CEO Lisa Laporte said, “Leo built TWiT because he wanted to capture the magic of ‘The Screen Savers,’ and after ten years of building his vision, we decided it was time to launch our very own variety show. We couldn’t resist naming it, ‘The New Screen Savers.'”

Here is a video they released on YouTube to announce the launch of the New Screen Savers.

via The New Screen Savers: TWiT resurrects the show that launched tech video into the stratosphere | ZDNet.


VIDEO: Smart Phone Captures SMART Train’s First Trek over the #Petaluma Bridge

This raw cell phone video shows the SMART Train crossing the Petaluma Bridge for the first time.

This video shows the entire journey including a segment through the downtown Petaluma train station.

You may also be interested in an article in this week’s about SMART called SMART offering to give away Haystack Landing bridge over Petaluma River.

VIDEO: World War II Vet, #Petaluma’s Arthur Wedel, On The Price Is Right Show

Petaluma resident Arthur Wedel, a USMC WWII Veteran, was on the game show the The Price is Right. They released this short video of host Drew Carey calling him up as a contestant on the show.  The crowd gave stand-up applause cheering USA! USA! USA!  As he approach his game panel he shouts “United States Marine Corp!”

The Price is Right YouTube post says “We’re so proud to have fans like Arthur — a 92-year-old WWII veteran! What an honor to have him in our audience!”

Petaluma is a Purple Heart City and celebrates our veterans in our annual Veterans Day Parade which is the largest parade of its kind north of the golden gate.  For more information about that event see our previous post #Petaluma’s Veteran’s Day Parade: Schedule, Highlights, History & Video

PCA Releases #Petaluma’s 2014 Veteran’s Day Parade Video

Did you miss this year’s Veteran’s Day Parade?  Our previous article #Petaluma’s Veteran’s Day Parade: Schedule, Highlights, History and Video was seen and read by many. It was also shared hundreds of times on social media.  We had several requests to share any video we get of this year’s event including a request from Barbara Fanucchi who commented on that article.  A lot of people, for any number of reasons, cannot make one of the best Veteran’s Day parades in Northern California but would like to see it.  It’s for this reason we share this video.

Yesterday Petaluma Community Access posted a whole length video of the entire parade.  So now you don’t have to miss it and you can enjoy watching the parade from the comfort of your home.

Do you know someone who missed this years’ parade or someone who was in the parade that didn’t get video of this event?  

Use the share icons below to share this video with your friends and family.  We are sure they will appreciate that you did.