Sorry for the blast of emails – Please ignore them

This kind of let the cat-out-of-the-bag, so you are the first to learn this.  We are bringing the Positively Petaluma website back on line in the very near future.  In that development, we are creating a new look and style.  When we merged the new web theme it had already built onto it 15 or 20 demonstration posts. So when we loaded it onto our server it sent out 20 or so bizarre unrelated articles listing me as the author.  We did not author these or intend for them to be sent.  They were simply sample demo posts for the web new web design and were not intended to be broadcast to our followers.

So now  you know, Positively Petaluma is gearing up to go live again.   You also know we didn’t get hacked and this was not a virus or anything suspicious going on.  It all had to do with our development to get our site back and running.  We apologize for any inconvenience, if any, this has caused you.

So keep posted for more great content and positive stories about Petaluma in the very near future.  For now follow our Facebook page for updates.

My Best,


Wayne Dunbar