Petaluma’s Jonny Gomes pitching one of the greatest innings in history

082815_atl_gomes_leg_kick_med_9ijf5r3qYou’re probably saying, Jonny Gomes pitching? What? Yeah he is a position player.  Obviously the Braves were in a tough spot, and they brought in Gomes to pitch an inning that will go down in history.

From the MLB.COM website:

082815_atl_gomes_does_cueto_med_bp5e5752With the way the 2015 season has gone, you may have assumed you’d seen about all the different position player pitching archetypes there are to see. But with the Braves down big to the Yankees on Friday, we all learned a valuable lesson: You have not lived until you’ve seen Jonny Gomes pitch.

082815_atl_gomes_strike_three_med_rq515uvhGomes is the Platonic ideal of the position player pitcher — the beard, the unbuttoned jersey, the sure-why-not ethos that results from surviving five different brushes with death. And when the moment of truth finally arrived, oh man, did Jonny Gomes not disappoint. Over the course of one glorious inning, he flinched, kicked, flailed, hat-tipped and occasionally pitched his way into our hearts, and to commemorate this historic moment, we’ve compiled this exhaustive timeline:

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Click the following link to see the videos and timeline from the the original source: A comprehensive timeline of Jonny Gomes pitching one of the greatest innings in history |

VIDEO: Petaluma’s Draper Dayton Wins USA Fencing’s Summer Nationals

An eighth grader at Sonoma Country Day school Draper Dayton, who has been fencing since the age of seven, recently switch coaches and now working out four days per week at the Massialas Foundation’s The M Team Fencing club in San Francisco.  That change must have benefited him as he just won the youth 12 division at the national championship in San Jose at the USA Fencing Summer Nationals.

According to the Press Democrat he had entered the tournament as a second seed fencer in his division and he had to beat the number one seed Brian Li of Boston to win the championship.

Here is how the match played out Dayton is on the left and Li is on the Right:

St. Vincent Mustang Girls Beat Tough Rival Head Royce 9-2

Freshman Lauren Vollert Petaluma High School Trojans Girls Softball T-Girls
Lauren Vollert Scores For T-Girls

UPDATE May 1, 2015 6:00PM: Petaluma Mustang Girls 10-Run Ruled Lakeport for a 10-0 shutout victory.

The Petaluma Mustang Girls  started off behind in the early innings of the game with Head Royce leading by 1 run.  In the 4th inning things started to work for the Petaluma Mustang Girls  and they took advantage of Head Royce errors. Pitcher Hannah Sarlatte held off Head Royce only giving up two runs for the win. Petaluma Mustang Girls  offense worked aggressively as a team with bunts, steals and a strong defense.

Tonite they play again against Upper Lake at 4PM at St. Vincent High School.

Olivia Sikora Petaluma Trojans Girls Softball T-Girls
Olivia Sikora slides into home plate
Haley Antonini Petaluma High School Trojans Girls Softball T-Girls
Haley Antonini steals home on a pass ball sliding into home plate