PHOTO Gallery: Sneak Peek Of Hotel Petaluma Renovation

Remember the monstrosity of a roof that was installed over what was Taps bar?  That was not a part of the original design. After examining it closely it no way matches to construction of the original hotel.  This roof covers what was the original front entrance and courtyard of the hotel.

Interior view of courtyard roof
Interior view of courtyard roof
Exterior view of courtyard roof
Exterior view of courtyard roof

They are planning to remove this roof and return it back to the original design (as close as possible of course).  They are even going to try to restore the iron gate arch entry way as shown in this picture.

Petaluma Hotel Renovation 100-1

Petaluma Hotel Renovation-5
Petaluma Hotel Safe Temporarily Being Used As A Closet For Construction Tools

You don’t think about hotels having a walk-in safe.  Lederhous told us that back in the day people only carried cash. The hotel and guests would lock up their valuables in this safe.  This too will be preserved.

Some upgrades and improvements planned include: adding large bay windows from the ball room area to the courtyard, adding bathrooms to many of the rooms that don’t have them, making the old antique traction elevator easier to operate.

Existing Bay Windows In Ballroom
Existing Bay Windows In Ballroom


7 thoughts on “PHOTO Gallery: Sneak Peek Of Hotel Petaluma Renovation”

  1. I was at the hotel a couple of years ago. I think it has possibilities! One thing they really need is new windows that fit tightly and cut out noise from Washington. They would need a new heating and AC so you wouldn’t have to open the windows. It would be expensize I’m sure, but this place has a lot of charm.

  2. I’m so happy to know they’re honoring the history of this special hotel. And I love the fact that they’re planning to give back the courtyard area that was in the original hotel, well at least as best as they can.

    I don’t know if the fireplace that my husband painted will remain as is or will be repainted or even removed, but at least we have photos of that project and can remember it that way.

    I still miss the incredible bayou mural that Carol Salomon-Bryant did when the Cajun Moon Restaurant was there. Now that was some amazing artistry!

    Thanks for sharing this as I’ve been mighty curious!

    1. Thanks for the comment Anastasia – The historic fireplace will remain as is – I don’t know if they have plans to freshen it up with a new coat of paint or not.

  3. I know the new GM, Juli Lederhaus, personally. She is very dedicated, and passionate about her job. She will be a great asset to the hotel. I am looking forward to a visit when the renovations are complete!

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