Our Top 10 Videos In 2015 (Petaluma, Ca)

Happy New Year!  We thought it would be fun to reflect on videos you made the most popular for 2015 from our YouTube Page.  Don’t miss our 2016 videos and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also see Our Top 10 Posts in 2015 (Petaluma, Ca).

Three of our top videos were produced by our very talented visual journalist, Ashley Collingwood.  Also a new exciting contributor, Laura Gouillon, produced one of our top 10 videos.

Here are our top 10 videos counting down to our top video for most views in 2015.

Number 10

LifeStyle Pilates, Directed By Wayne Dunbar, Produced By Ashley Collingwood

Also see the associated story:

From Garage to New Studio: Petaluma’s Gretchen Andermahr-Iniguez Grows Her Pilates Business


Sketch Artist Captures Petaluma California Veteran’s Day Parade


Gus McDuffie flickr Profile Photo

This morning in our searches for good news and information about Petaluma, California, we ran across the following sketches that we had to share.

This gallery of photos are from Gus McDuffie’s Flickr page where you can see more of his sketch work.  Click the navigation arrows on each sketch to view all of them.

Petaluma: 2015 City of Lights Driving Tour Map Released!

Chad Dunbar, Winner of 2009 Petaluma City of Lights Tour
Chad Dunbar, Winner of 2009 Petaluma City of Lights Tour

Plus Video of Santa’s Tug Boat Arrival

Every year people from all over Sonoma and Marin County visit and enjoy Petaluma’s City of Lights driving tour which officially starts today.  This year we have 16 home entries and 21 businesses. This self-directed tour will continue through December 29th.

Click here to see the 2015 Petaluma City of Lights Driving Tour Map. Judging will happen over this weekend, and winners will be announced by December 11th.

Also our visitors center did a great job of capturing the crowd, carollers and Santa arriving via tugboat in the Petaluma turning basin. Enjoy the video.

Petaluma Honors Veterans and Troops at Annual Veterans Day Parade

Check our video and photo gallery of this year’s event

On Wednesday, November 11 Petaluma held its annual Veterans Day Parade, one of the largest in northern California. People lined the parade path, waiting to cheer on the veterans and voice their support for U.S. troops.

Marching in the parade were a wide variety military units and veterans including those who served in World War II, as well as color guards, local school bands, family members of veterans, and scout troops. Parade vehicles ranged from traditional floats to fire engines, military vehicles, and antique cars. Overhead were flyovers by military aircraft and helicopters.

On the sidelines, families and other veterans saluted the troops, waved flags, and generally cheered on our veterans. American flags were waving everywhere on the parade route.  Several groups had stands stocked with Christmas cards and pens so that people could write to active troops to wish them well for the holidays.

After the parade, a memorial ceremony was held at Walnut Park, during which the National Anthem and “God Bless America” were sung and prayers were said for the troops. This year’s memorial ceremony unveiled Petaluma’s Korean War monument, dedicated to three Petaluma soldiers who died in the Korean War. The unveiling and dedication was a special moment for everyone there, and especially for the loved ones of those soldiers.


Video/Photos of Petaluma’s 2015 Butter & Egg Days Parade

2015 Butter & Egg Days ParadeDid  you miss the parade?  Well no worries, here is the complete parade captured on photo and video by us and Petaluma Community Access. Also we put together a photo gallery of this years parade to document one of our favorites annual events that is enjoyed by thousands.

The following are video clips of the entries (more bite size videos) that are easy to share instead of having to search through one long video.  We captured these on the corner of Kentucky and Washington Street.  Do you see anyone you know?  We will be adding more videos to this playlist over time.


What In The Heck Is That?

Rhino Vehicle Petaluma

UPDATE August 8, 2015: Check out also Petaluma artists prep for Burning Man, By Yovanna Biererich, Argus Courier Staff.


A local artist, Kevin Clark, received a grant from Black Rock City Arts to build Medusa Madness for this year’s Burning Man event.  Clark, who is also co-owner of The Shop on Kentucky St.,  is known for his restaurant design and Rhino Vehicle that rolled down the streets in this year’s Butter & Egg Days Parade.  His rhino vehicle will serve as the stage for the Rivertown Revival event on July 18. He assisted with previous year’s Burning Man temples in 2001 and 2002.  This huge Medusa head will be located in the front of the “Key Hole” in center camp giving it high status as one of the major displays at this year’s Burning Man event. Medusa’s head will sport a cobra tiara and covered with polished-mirror finished stainless steel.

Medusa-11Medusa Madness will have 25 snake heads whose bodies will be 400 ft. long and require over 800 barrels to construct. Each section has to be welded on to the structure.  Last year  we covered the Temple of Grace built for the 2014 event by local artist David Best.  Best’s project required tons of volunteers to construct.  See VIDEO UPDATE: #Petaluma’s David Best Builds 2014 Burning Man Temple In Petaluma  and Photos of the Temple of Grace Built By Petaluma Artist David Best And Many Petaluman Volunteers.  The difference with this project is it cannot use volunteers because its construction requires skilled labor.  When we were on site there were 4 active welders building the structure.

Medusa-10The snake heads will also be covered with mirrored finished stainless steel.  The heads will breathe fire requiring over 100 gallons of propane.  Their eyes will light up using 200 MRG 16 RGB LED lights.  The eyes will blink and roll.

Medusa-13Inside of the structure will serve as an atrium for people to move about inside the structure.  The entire structure will be finished in 4 to 5 weeks and will be moved to the Burning Man camp on August 22.

What’s Going On In #Petaluma This Week? June 27th through July 3rd

Tanya-Tucker-265x265Sonoma-Marin Fair –Saturday is Farmer’s Day at the Sonoma-Marin Fair WEEKEND SCHEDULE: Featuring animal exhibits, games, carnival rides, (Stay tuned for the results of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest held last night – Already we have searches on our site this morning for the winner of last year in our post Video: #Petaluma’s Ugliest Dog Gets Makeover on Jimmy Kimmel Show), Don’t miss the carnage that is always delivered at the Petaluma Speedway’s Destruction Derby on Sunday (6/28 1:00PM) and other events.

PofY - CemeteryCinnabar Theater presents the opera “Falstaff” – runs through 28: Cinnabar Theater, 3333 Petaluma Blvd. North. For information and show schedules, call 763-8920.

Historic Downtown Walking Tours – Sat. 10:30 am: Donations welcome. Free. Petaluma Historical Museum, 20 Fourth St. 778-4398.


534024-250Ribs for Kids Cook-off – Sat., Noon: You be the judge who is the best! $20 gets you in the door and includes your rib tastings. Mario & Johns Tavern, 428 D St. 753-1069

John Martini, Author History of the Golden Gate’s Fortifications

Sea Coast Fortification Presentation – Sat., 2:30 pm: John Martini, History of the Golden Gate’s Fortifications.  Petaluma Museum, 20 Fourth St. 778-4398

Saturday Farmer’s Market in Walnut Park – Sat., 2-5:30 pm: Over 60 booths selling farm-fresh produce and local products. Live entertainment & activities in Walnut Park. 415-999-5635.

Wings of Glory Concert – Sat., 7pm: Hosted by First Presbyterian Church, 939 B St. Free, but $10 suggested donation. For info call 763-9484.

Frederik-PennBuffalo Soldiers Presentation – Sun., 2:30 pm: Ranger Frederik Penn to discuss the legend and legacy.         Petaluma Museum, 20 Fourth St. 778-4398.

Petaluma East Side Farmers marketEast-Side Farmers’ MarketTuesdays, 10am-1:30 pm: Year-round, rain or shine! New Location as of 6/30: Deer Creek Shopping Center (Friedman’s) 429 No. McDowell.  415-999-5635.

Wednesday Evening Farmers Market – Wed., 4:30-8 pm:  Two blocks of vendors, music & fun in Theatre District.  Second, B & C Streets.

This VIDEO Highlight Reel of 2015 Artisan Cheese Festival Is Worth Sharing

This is one of the best video’s we have seen covering the 2015 California Artisan Cheese Festival in Petaluma, California.

Here is the Artisan Cheese Fest Highlight Reel posted on YouTube by Victoria Parr the marketing and branding champion at Petaluma Creamery.

Marin French Cheese Company 150-Year Anniversary Celebration, Photo By Ashley Collingwood
Marin French Cheese Company 150-Year Anniversary Celebration, Photo By Ashley Collingwood

Did you also miss the 150th anniversary celebration for Marin French Cheese this month.  We posted and created a video highlighting that event – see our recent post VIDEO: Say Cheese: Marin French Cheese Celebrates 150 Years.





Get Your Restaurant Or Business Noticed at The 2015 Taste of Petaluma

Don’t miss this culinary event of the year

In our recent post, Introducing A New #Petaluma Company: YourBizFootprint.com about a company that helps put businesses on the map, it says “It is also very important to be actively engaged with your community and have that face-to-face interaction with potential customers.”  With that in mind we have the perfect opportunity for you to promote your restaurant or business to an enormous crowd of people who can become a potential customers for you in the future.

Taste Of PetalumaThe 10th Annual Taste of Petaluma is Saturday August 22 from 11:30AM to 4PM. Any restaurant or food vendor can participate at your own location, or be hosted at a shop or gallery. Click here to see the Petaluma Downtown Association’s recent email to members.

Three reasons why it is important for you to sign up now:

  1. There is going to be a lot of people there who like to eat out and want to sample your food.  If you are a restaurant or food vendor is this your audience?
  2. The people will be having a good time.  Can you think of a better time for you to share your brand and promote your business or store? 
  3. People in Petaluma love businesses who support their community – this event benefits the Cinnabar Theater.

Five ways your business can benefit from the Taste of Petaluma:

  1. Listing on event map that each guest receives which includes your name and item(s) being served.
  2. Official Website www.tasteofpetaluma.org with URL link to your website.
  3. Press and Radio – ads, articles and interviews – Positively Petaluma will be there – will you?
  4. Full page event ad with your listing in the Cinnabar Theater program
  5. Bring visibility to potential new customers to your place of business

If you haven’t heard of, or participated before, here are some highlights from last year: Video: 2014 Taste of #Petaluma a Great Success

Adrian Grenier at 2014 Taste of Petaluma
Actor Adrian Grenier’s Photo Posted On His Facebook Page

Also you never know when there may be an unexpected BONUS!  Last year actor Adrian Grenier made an appearance which led to us interviewing him.  This interview was read and shared by thousands on social media Positively #Petaluma Interview With Actor Adrian Grenier. Why is that important? He mentioned the restaurants in Petaluma he likes to eat at.  Our site got tons of clicks on the restaurants’ websites. This is better than advertising. It’s social envy of your restaurant. Maybe your business too can score an unexpected bonus this year.


Petaluma is becoming the culinary destination (see our post Video: KRON 4 News #Petaluma a Culinary Destination).  KRON 4 News Petaluma Becoming A Culinary DestinationWhen it comes to food, beer and wine there is no better place to be than Petaluma.  It’s the very reason we started a segment on our website called Petaluma Eats!  This event is a culinary journey around downtown showcasing Petaluma’s finest food, beer and wine.  

Here are important links for you to get involved today and take action now:

Entry Information

2015 Taste of Petaluma Entry Form For Food

2015 Taste of Petaluma Entry Form For Wine or Beer

Print, complete and send the above forms and fee:

  • Mail: Cinnabar Theater, Attn: Taste of Petaluma. 3333 Petaluma Blvd. No., Petaluma, CA 94952
  • Fax to : (707) 763-8929 or email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (707) 763-8920 with a credit card any weekday between 10 AM to 2:30 PM

For more info or to email entry form: Laura Sunday [email protected] (707) 477-9944

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