VIDEO: Free Bookmobile of Sonoma County is proud to be an integral part #Petaluma Community Foundation Alliance

From the Free Bookmobile YouTube Channel posted on February 12, 2015.  In late 2014, the Petaluma Community Foundation (PCF) created a Collaboration for Youth At-Risk, bringing eight local non-profits together to serve the needs of our children as they learn and grow. The Free Bookmobile of Sonoma County is proud to be an integral part of this alliance, and grateful to share resources and expertise with the other featured partners. Click here to visit the Free Bookmobile website.

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ABC Channel 7 VIDEO: Rain Is Good News For #Petaluma Farmers

This ABC Channel 7 coverage has great before and after video of Petaluma’s DeBernardi Dairy farm in Two Rock.  Reporter Wayne Freedman says DeBernardi is thrilled to death about the rain as all the other ranchers are around the Sonoma and Marin County line. The Sonoma County dairyman in the interview said “Nobody thought we would have this much water, this time of year,”  The rain is lifting a big burden for all ranchers around in the area. Neil McIssac from a Clover Stornetta farm adds “We won’t have to haul any water. Tanks are running over. Springs and wells are recharged,” The article however indicates by no measure is the California drought over with, but the 20 inches that have fallen so far this year is a great relief and a good start leading into winter.

Grass Should be at Don Debernadino's ankles or higher, Photo By Press Democrat
Grass Should be at Don Debernadino’s ankles or higher, Photo By Press Democrat, December 2, 2013

Associated with article in the Press Democrat Struggling with one of the driest years on record by Jamie Hansen on December 2, 2013, it mentions the recorded rainfall was at its lowest in almost 120 years.  That year DeBernardi said “We’re gonna have to see what Mother Nature does,” he adds. “Usually, she works it all out. This year, I don’t know.”  Well we guess he was right, mother nature is working it out so far this year.

ABC Channel 7 News Anchor Ama Daetz and Wayne Freedman provide the following report, RAIN IS WELCOME SOUND FOR NORTH BAY FARMERS

Here is another video we ran into about the McIssac farm from Clover Stornetta‘s “MooTube” Channel ‘Meet the McIssac’s – A Clover Stornetta Farms dairy family’ in 2011.

Thirst for craft beer drives expansion at Sonoma

                    Photo By Crista Jeremiason / The Press Democrat

In a Press Democrat article today, it appears there is plenty of demand for craft beer in Sonoma County.  Being local we often take for granted of how plentiful craft beer is our area and with so many excellent choices it’s like Christmas all year round.  So no wonder we are driving expansion – we have become craft beer snobs. We have Lagunitas Brewing Company, Russian River Brewing Company, Hen House, Petaluma Hills, 101 North, Bear Republic just to name a few.

This article interviews Tony Magee, founder and owner of Lagunitas Brewing Co. in Petaluma, and he shares how he intends to play a leading role in this expansion. More great craft beers in Sonoma? You had me at hello.

via Thirst for craft beer drives expansion at Sonoma | The Press Democrat.

VIDEO: “The Hole In The Head” by #Petaluma’s Elder Environmentalist Bill Kortum

     Sonoma County Library Photograph Collection, Bill Kortum, Petaluma, CA 1955

UPDATE: History lesson accompanies Coastal Cleanup Day September 20, 2014, BY GUY KOVNER THE PRESS DEMOCRAT – Bill is also featured in this recent article.

Petaluma Community Access released this May 2011 video on YouTube yesterday that chronicles Bill Kortum’s successfull campaign to stop the PG&E nuclear power plant at Bodega Bay. Bill is a retired veterinarian, former Sonoma County Supervisor and leader of the County’s environmental movement for more than 40 years.  He currently serves as a Board of Director for Sonoma County Conservation Action.  In this video he tells how different parties including local scientists and Petaluma Argus Courier played a role in the campaign.

In my other searches I found this other short video on the Forces Of Nature website, Environmental Elders Speak.

May 8, 2015 UPDATE: We lost Bill this year to a long battle to cancer.  The Petaluma Community Access did a video of his service, a celebration and tribute to his life’s work.

Click on Page 2 below to view the Bill Kortum Memorial that took place on January 24, 2015.

VIDEO UPDATE Earthquake: No Apparent visual damage to #Petaluma Historic Buildings

UPDATE: August 28, 2014, 12:01AM   Minimal quake damage seen in Petaluma (audio of the Aug. 24 quake) by BY EMILY CHARRIER ARGUS-COURIER STAFF

UPDATE August 24, 2014: Posted by Petaluma Police Department as a preliminary report on the earthquake. NO damage, injuries, or power outages.  More information will be released if the reports change.  911 Dispatchers are extremely busy, please use other media outlets and/or the internet for more details.  Go to the following link or USGS website for additional details:

UPDATE:  Here is a video of the #Petaluma Market – it appears there was someone working stocking the shelves when the earthquake hit and the isles were rocking back and forth.

Last evening we experienced a 6.1 earthquake in Sonoma/Napa Counties with the epicenter being American Canyon. We were awoken in the early AM with our home moving back and forth a few feet and chandelier in our bedroom swinging back and forth.

We were concerned with the historic buildings downtown #Petaluma knowing they have been earthquake retrofitted in the pasts. So we drove downtown and looked over the historic buildings and fortunately there is no apparent visible outside damage to the building. We did walk through this historic Herold Building on Kentucky Street and did not see any visible structural damage to the inside of that building.

So while many were affected by this earthquake, mostly in the American Canyon and Napa area, our historic downtown seems unaffected.

Here are some YouTube Videos of the earthquake caught on tape that were recently released that shows what people were awoken to last night.