VIDEO UPDATE Earthquake: No Apparent visual damage to #Petaluma Historic Buildings

UPDATE: August 28, 2014, 12:01AM   Minimal quake damage seen in Petaluma (audio of the Aug. 24 quake) by BY EMILY CHARRIER ARGUS-COURIER STAFF

UPDATE August 24, 2014: Posted by Petaluma Police Department as a preliminary report on the earthquake. NO damage, injuries, or power outages.  More information will be released if the reports change.  911 Dispatchers are extremely busy, please use other media outlets and/or the internet for more details.  Go to the following link or USGS website for additional details:

UPDATE:  Here is a video of the #Petaluma Market – it appears there was someone working stocking the shelves when the earthquake hit and the isles were rocking back and forth.

Last evening we experienced a 6.1 earthquake in Sonoma/Napa Counties with the epicenter being American Canyon. We were awoken in the early AM with our home moving back and forth a few feet and chandelier in our bedroom swinging back and forth.

We were concerned with the historic buildings downtown #Petaluma knowing they have been earthquake retrofitted in the pasts. So we drove downtown and looked over the historic buildings and fortunately there is no apparent visible outside damage to the building. We did walk through this historic Herold Building on Kentucky Street and did not see any visible structural damage to the inside of that building.

So while many were affected by this earthquake, mostly in the American Canyon and Napa area, our historic downtown seems unaffected.

Here are some YouTube Videos of the earthquake caught on tape that were recently released that shows what people were awoken to last night.