Update: Handmade Dolls To Stories For Children: An Interview with Jess Brown



Wayne: When and how did your company start becoming worldwide?

Jess: The Company gained popularity overseas when I was featured in Selvedge magazine in 2010. That combined with doing tradeshows.

Wayne: Does you work require you to travel? What was your most interesting destination?


Jess: Generally, I travel a few times a year for trade shows. These are New York and Paris. Although we are beginning to phase this out.

Wayne: What countries can you find your dolls in?

Jess: The dolls are available in many countries… Across Europe, Asia, the Middle East,

Lulu&Pip Wayne: Recently you released a storybook for children. Tell us how we can purchase it?

Jess: There are two books out right now. One is “Kiki and Coco in Paris” and the other just was released in May is called “Lulu and Pip”. They are available locally at Copperfield’s, the B street Mercantile, and my studio. They are also available on my website, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel… A new book comes out in July. It’s called “The Making of a Rag Doll”. This is the story behind my brand. It includes patterns to create a doll and accessories especially designed for the book.

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