The Gravel Spreaders at #Petaluma’s Lagunitas – Hee Haw Metal???

The Gravel Spreaders, a Bay Area band, made an appearance at the Lagunitas Tap Room (and that’s stating it mildy). The genre of their music, Hee Haw Metal!  What?  It was so different it draws you in and the crowd was getting into it. You had to pay attention because you had no idea what they were going to play next.

Gravel Spreaders with Editor of Petaluma Magazine: Photo By Naomi Carlson
Gravel Spreaders with Editor of Petaluma Magazine: Photo By Naomi Carlson

The band is made of four members Bud Hole on bandit bass and lead vocals, Buzzy Do-Well on banjo, Dr. Buck Knife playing lead on mandolin and jaw harp, and Uncle Mungar on acoustic and slide guitars. Barefoot, overalls, cowboy and trucker hats you’re thinking country, but then they’re jammin’ tunes like Ozzie Osborne, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, ACDC. Most shocking to us was a punk song from the Ramones. They fill their songs with comedic innuendos of clever lyrics, blowing raspberries or letting out chicken calls.

Lagunitas Tap room has excellent bands on a regular basis, but we have to say that this band had an entertainment factor not seen before and not to soon forgotten.  We hope that  they make a return appearance in the future.

Here is a video of one of their performance of Ozzie Osborns Crazy Train.

For more information about this band, click here to go to their website.

2 thoughts on “The Gravel Spreaders at #Petaluma’s Lagunitas – Hee Haw Metal???”

  1. Thanks for the kind praise! We Gravel Spreaders love to play at Lagunitas – the staff is wonderful and more than professional, and the audience, including kids and dogs, is always super supportive.

    Yours truly in gravelbilly,
    Uncle Mungar

    1. Thanks for the comment Uncle Mungar. We will be sure to watch for you again. Great beer and great music make a good combo!

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