Update: Handmade Dolls To Stories For Children: An Interview with Jess Brown

Wayne:  I noted you are quoted in the Petaluma Star that Petaluma is a magnet for creative people?

Jess: Yes, I think that Petaluma draws creative people. There is an ease about this town. It’s a good place to put dreams in to action.

Jess Brown Wayne: What attracted you to live in Petaluma?

Jess: I loved the downtown area. I could tell it was going to be a great place to raise kids.

Wayne: What do you think Petaluma has to offer which creates that attraction?

Jess: I think Petaluma has that perfect balance of creative people willing to put hard work into making things happen.

Wayne: Can you share how you are active in other ways in our community?

Jess: Before I started my business, I was very active in my kids’ school. Now, I’m so busy with work. What I concentrate on now is a yearly COTs donation. We make a doll for every child staying at COTs over the holidays. Generally between 75-100 dolls.

Wayne: When you first started making dolls describe the process you went through to get the materials for your dolls?

Jess: The dolls began with a group of my cashmere sweaters being washed and shrunk. Then I also had a very large collection of antique textiles. The combination inspired me to create dolls!

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