#Petaluma’s Veteran’s Day Parade: Schedule, Highlights, History & Video

Bill Kane posts a YouTube video December last year that gives the following description:

                “I had heard the Petaluma, CA, Veterans Day parade was the only parade to attend in Northern California. The parade lasted 2 hours and was the best parade I had seen since the 1950 saluting our Veterans”

The following is great information is from the Petaluma Veterans Parade Flyover Website:

Petaluma Veterans Day Parade History

  • From 1967 to 1983, Julius Forcucci & 2 WWI buddies walked the parade together.
  • In 1983 one friend died & the other was ill, so Forcucci walked alone carrying an American Flag in 1984 and 1985.
  • In 1986, 50 veterans joined him and the annual parade began.
  • Julius Forcucci died Sept. 7, 1988 at age 94. During the 1988 Veterans Day Parade a riderless horse with it’s stirrups tied to the saddle led the parade in honor of Forcucci.
  • Over the years the parade has grown. In the early 90’s the parade reached 100 entries. The 2013 parade had over 200 entries with over 2,000 participants. The estimated crowd was over 40,000.
  • It is the largest Veterans Day Parade north of the Golden Gate.

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  1. Please let me know if you make the 2014 Petaluma Vet’s Day Parade available for viewing. Very much enjoyed your website!
    Thank you!

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