Pro-Cyclist and Braniac!: An Interview with #Petaluma’s Alison Tetrick

Alison Tetrick


Wayne: Do you see yourself mentoring and coaching athletes in the future?

Alison: I mentor some athletes now, but do not coach very many.  I could see this as something I would get into in the future.

Wayne: You didn’t start off with biking but as a triathlete and even competed in iron man competitions.  When did you know that biking would become your focus? 

Alison: I realized that my motto for triathlon was finish the swim, race the bike, and survive the run.  No matter what anyone told me, I always wanted to set a record on the bike course!  Unfortunately that lead to some pretty miserable runs!  I got invited by the USA Cycling Development Foundation to a Talent ID camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  They invited me because of seeing potential as a cyclist, and once I saw this opportunity on the bike, I never looked back.


Wayne: You are a bit of a brainiac!   You have a B.S. in Biochemistry with emphasis on Molecular Biology and did a stint with AMGEN and minored in Nutrition graduating with the highest honors from ACU.  Now you are working towards a PhD in Neuropsychology.   I am absolutely sure everyone will want to know where knowledge and speed are going to lead you in your life.  What are your plans for your professional future?

Alison: I am love racing my bike, but I think it is important continue to invest in my future off the bike.  I currently work in advocacy for Amgen’s Breakaway from Cancer® and my team, TWENTY16 Pro Cycling, was able to represent Breakaway from Cancer at Amgen’s Tour of California.  Cancer effects all of us, and it is very meaningful to grow a support community for those effected by cancer.  I am attending graduate school and that keeps me busy as well.  I am open to a career in many different entities, and I know that bike racing has taught me so much and given me valuable skills that I can use in the work place.

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