Pro-Cyclist and Braniac!: An Interview with #Petaluma’s Alison Tetrick

Alison Tetrick

Wayne: How long have you lived in Petaluma?  What are your favorite things to do in town?

Alison: I have lived in Petaluma for 1 year, and I love the Wednesday and Saturday Farmer’s Market.  I also love to ride my bike from Petaluma into Sonoma, towards West Marin, or to Bodega.  Just in case I get hungry while riding, I know there are some great creameries and bakeries in the area to keep me fueled.

Wayne: You wrote that after riding around the world in 30 days that the one thing you appreciated the most was being home.   What things do you appreciate and enjoy doing in Petaluma?

Alison: I love the feeling of getting home and immersing myself in the consistent pace of the community in Petaluma.  The town is thriving with activities, whether it is a parade or a weekend market, there is always something to do.  You can choose if you want to have a relaxing weekend in the serenity at Dillon Beach, or if you want to imbibe in the thriving downtown festivities.  There is never a dull moment in Petaluma, and I love being able to choose what activity suits my mood.  But, the best part about it, is being HOME!


Alison Tetrick

Wayne: You indicate one of your favorite things about cycling is that when you first ventured into the sport, you realized you were finally home. What does that mean to you and the sport?  

Alison: In life, we are constantly searching for meaning and for something that suits our strengths and passion.  Playing collegiate tennis taught me how much I loved sport, but there was something in that sport that I was missing.  I was missing the ability to express my passion and my drive through competing in a sport. When I found cycling, or as it found me, I suddenly felt that the sport was merely an extension of who I am.  It was a sport that naturally spoke my language, and I responded.

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