Interview with #Petaluma’s Rising Star! Singer/Songwriter Em Rossi

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Photo By Ashley Collingwood

Ashley: How does it feel now that you’ve done that and got a single out?

Em: I would definitely say that, now that it’s out, I can say that music’s been a total lifesaver for me because it’s something fun and it’s my passion—it’s what I love to do and it’s my outlet for days that aren’t the best of days and days that are fun too as well. It’s where I can share who I am as a person and really express myself.

Ashley: Do you think that living in Petaluma has had any affect on your music?

Em: I would say that living in Petaluma has definitely affected it; it’s affected the way that I’ve grown up, which has affected my life and then affected, you know, how I write and what goes on. I mean it’s definitely an inspirational town. The people around here always band together and support one another, and then there’s a lot of extremely talented musicians and bands around here as well as great venues to play at and sing at and it’s just a fun good-vibey town.

Ashley: Speaking of bands and venues, do play at any local ones?

Em: Currently I’m not going out yet, but once this album gets out and a few more tracks get out I’ll definitely be getting out here in the town a little bit more with maybe some friends’ bands or just acoustic versions around me.


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