#Petaluma’s Riverfront Art Gallery Celebrates Their 7-Year Anniversary

Riverfront Art Gallery gives back to the community by donating artwork to various charitable causes.  During the interview, Lance had some professional pieces framed that he was delivering to St. Vincent De Paul Kitchen dining hall.  They also donate to local Petaluma Education Foundation and other local education charities.

Riverfront Art Gallery
Riverfront Art Gallery

When you purchase art at the Riverfront Art Gallery, you too are giving back to the community because you are directly supporting our local artists.  So if your home has a bare wall screaming for some warmth and color, or you need to purchase a very special personal gift, this is the place to go.  If you find yourself strolling around downtown make it a point to stop in and check out the great artwork.

Mark your calendar for the 7-year anniversary reception September 13 starting at 5PM. It is located in the heart of the downtown at 132 Petaluma Boulevard North.

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